Glass Shader

I just released my first product on Blendermarket.
In the first week it became the second most popular product of the week and got staff picked.
This was a collab with Gleb Alexandrov.
Compared to the standard built in Glass Shader it will have:

- Dispersion
- Caustics (faked)
- Raylength Absorbtion
- Volume Absorbtion & Scatter

And everything will be customizable!
Snack Scans

In June 2020 we released our Addon Snack Scans which is the first addon so far to support direct import of over 60 photoscanned hyper realistic food assets directly into Blender.
All foods have been captured with a Nikon camera and were composed of hundreds of photos.
If you ever need food for your next 3D / Animation project check out the addon on Blendermarket

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